Liking yourself and loving life –
self esteem enhancement

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Why choose this course?

  • self esteem is a core issue for all human beings and highlighted in Valuing People
  • many people with learning difficulties have picked up negative messages through labelling, often starting early in their life and have very low self esteem
  • not liking yourself leads to not caring for yourself, having self injurious behaviours and either a fear around trusting others or an over reliance on others due to a lack of trust in your own abilities and judgement
  • this course addresses these issues over many weeks, making it a safe, supportive place to discuss fears and change behaviours
  • without self esteem it is very difficult for a person to see themselves as being the centre of Person Centred Planning and to ask for what they want or express desires and dreams
  • positive results ~ individuals start making choices in their own best interests, pain previously felt in the body is verbalised and addressed directly and so psychosomatic symptoms decrease or stop, a growth in the individual which is grounded and long lasting, people feeling happy!

Length of course ~ 2 hourly sessions over 20 weeks (plus an hour see below)

Expected outcomes ~ by the end of the course participants will be able to

  • understand how the mind undermines self esteem through a cycle of accusations and demands
  • know how to challenge these by telling the truth about themselves
  • see their strengths and qualities and how to build on these when making choices
  • express their NO in a variety of ways! which are safe for them and others
  • see the difference between their adapted ‘pleasing’ selves and their real selves
  • express themselves more clearly
  • feel comfortable and contribute in a setting group
  • view themselves as unique and precious individuals in the world

Nature of the course

For this course it is necessary for one or two members of staff to already have taken the Power of Self Esteem (see link) and to be available during the sessions. It is likely that issues raised in the session will be discussed during the week and that staff can fully support group members. The group will be 8 – 10 plus support team.

This course will use badge-making, collage, pictures, role play, body work, story telling and drama. It is important for both myself as facilitator and the support team to be available for 30 minutes both before and after the sessions for any individual support that may be needed. My experience of running this course is that it is literally life changing. Running a Power of Self Esteem course for the staff as well changes the whole service and has been powerfully positive.

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