Sensory & Physical Impairment

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Do you want your staff to ……

  • value themselves and their practice?
  • continue to expand their skills and knowledge in line with NOS, Induction Standards and QCFs?
  • share with other practitioners and gain confidence in multi-agency working?
  • bring new ideas and enthusiasm into your work team?
  • take responsibility for their professional development?
  • contribute fully to your organisation?
  • provide continuity of service uninterrupted by high levels of absences?
  • be informed and able to integrate new legislation and guidance into practice?
  • see users of the service as valued, contributing people regardless of intellectual or physical impairment?
  • consult with users of the service and carers and have them central to all service provision?
  • access their creativity to enable full communication?

Good! So does Leapfrog Training.

The following courses are available for staff. If marked with a * they are also suitable for users of the services. Click, or leap, onto an individual course to find the expected outcomes and training methods. A separate leap will take you to the correlating standards. Press the cost link for fees.


Supporting personal and sexual relationships
*The Power of Self Esteem, true empowerment
*Speaking loud and clear ~ advocacy and consultation
Working with people who have sensory and/or physical impairment
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