What about us? Overcoming trauma in the workplace

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Why choose this course?

  • staff working in social care expect to deal with difficult situations
  • sometimes the level of distress experienced by users of their service plus a perception that the organisation is not adequately providing support can allow a worker to become unacceptably stressed
  • intimidation and harassment, whether from angry users of the service or from dysfunctional managers, can undermine a worker’s confidence in their own professional capabilities and their own coping mechanisms
  • this course is suitable for both individuals or whole teams
  • positive results ~ staff feel supported by the organisation, strengthen their support systems and do not need to take time off from the work place

Length of course: 2 days 9.30 ~ 4.00 pm

Expected outcomes: by the end of the course participants will be able to

  • identify coping mechanisms developed during their upbringing
  • evaluate different ways of responding to crisis
  • notice their physical responses to stress and reground themselves
  • challenge some of their core beliefs about themselves
  • recognise where they are on the grief cycle
  • articulate their specific need for organisational support in certain circumstances
  • see the strengths and development needed in their own support systems
  • separate their own and the organisational requirements in the workplace
  • make a clear plan in order to move forward

Nature of training:

Maximum of 12 participants due to the personal nature of the group.
Exercises will range from lecture style input (small) to discussion and small group work and to individual sharing within pairs.
Hand outs will be provided to reinforce all theoretical input.
Voice and bodywork may be used when appropriate.

Leapfrog Training will provide a second facilitator for this course if it is judged necessary to provide the right level of support necessary for a particular group.

Individual coaching is available both as preparation and following the course.

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