Relaxing the body, soothing the soul ~ stress and relaxation

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Why choose this course?

  • many hours of work time are lost through stress
  • some organisations which provide care to users of the service are not experienced as giving the same level of care to their workers
  • employers have a responsibility for the stress levels of their employees
  • this course is both relaxing in itself and gives practitioners tool which they can use to enhance their level of relaxation and stress reduction
  • positive results ~ practitioners with increased energy, reduced stress and greater clarity with less need to use stimulants or depressants (alcohol) to manage work induced anxiety

Length of course: 1 day 9.30 – 4.30

Expected outcomes: by the end of the course participants will be able to

  • identify the causes of stress
  • notice their own reactions and indicators of stress
  • know how to stimulate the joy receptors in the brain
  • know how to ground themselves when anxious
  • re-experience some of the ways they reduced stress as a child
  • use a variety of imagery based exercises
  • see the differences in breathing techniques and how to utilise them
  • recreate a safe place of rest visualised in meditation
  • create more fun both in and outside of the workplace (obviously in an appropriate way!)

Nature of training:

Maximum of 12 participants due to the nature of the work. Exercises will range from lecture style input (small) to discussion and small group work and to individual sharing within pairs.

Meditation and visualisation will be part of this training. A safe, supportive environment will be created. We will be doing some body work and voice work, all of these will be easily accessible.

It is essential with this course that staff are not expected to go on to work following the training.

Hand outs will be provided to reinforce all theoretical input.

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