Professional Development

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Do you want your staff to ……

  • be inspired?
  • be lead through example by higher ground leadership?
  • to align their deepest personal values to their work?
  • know that you value them and their practice?
  • continue to expand their skills and knowledge in line with NOS, Induction Standards and NVQs?
  • share with other practitioners and work in collaboration?
  • bring new ideas and enthusiasm into your work team?
  • work together at all levels of management to meet challenging changes?
  • take responsibility for their professional development?
  • contribute fully to your organisation?
  • provide continuity of service uninterrupted by high levels of absences?
  • be committed, and to see themselves reflected in your organisational values?
  • be informed and able to integrate new legislation and guidance into practice?
  • see users of the service as valued, contributing people regardless of age, intellectual or physical impairment?
  • consult with users of the service and carers and have them central to all service provision?
  • access their creativity to enable full communication?

Good! So does Leapfrog Training.

The following courses are available for staff. If marked with a * they are also suitable for users of the services. Click, or leap, onto an individual course to find the expected outcomes and training methods. A separate leap will take you to the correlating standards. Press the cost link for fees.

Coaching: one to one

Why choose to be coached?


Meanings and Messages; Modes of Communication ~ non verbal communication
What about us? Overcoming trauma in the workplace
Using the journey, teambuilding for the future
Valuing diversity ; exploring anti discriminatory practices
Relaxing the body, soothing the soul, stress and relaxation
Personal Best ~ the Power of Self Esteem in the workplace
The Power of Purpose, professional and personal effectiveness
Is it that time of the year (or month) again? Supervision and appraisal
Feeling your rhythm, hearing your voice. Reclaiming a sense of self through sound
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