The passion of anger – honouring and respecting this emotion

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Why choose this training?

  • much has been written about anger management but before we control our anger we need to hear what it has of value for us
  • holding anger within the body can be damaging both physically and psychologically
  • we need to learn ways of listening to our anger that are both safe for us and for other people
  • beneath anger there is nearly always fear
  • focusing on the anger alone does not enable us to dis-empower the fear
  • many people with mental distress have expressed their anger inappropriately in the past often resulting in loss of freedom, negative labelling and frightening consequences
  • positive results ~ anger becomes just one of a number of healthy emotions, not an area of fear. Wholesome ways of expressing anger are learnt and the feelings acknowledged resulting in less self injurious behaviour and anger being expressed in a damaging way

Length of course: 1 day 9.30 – 4.00

Expected outcomes: by the end of the course participants will be able to

  • notice the physical symptoms which indicate anger
  • breathe into their bodies and ground themselves when angry
  • fully express their anger without frightening themselves or others
  • look at their core beliefs around anger
  • examine gender issues around expressing fear/anger
  • recognise the positive value in anger
  • stay in their authority when angry rather than deny the anger
  • recognise where they are on the personality axis
  • learn healthy tools for acknowledging their anger and recovering from their anger
  • see which parts of themselves they are dis-empowering by not having their anger

Nature of training:

Maximum of 12 participants due to the nature of the work. A group of 8 maximum if participants are service users.Exercises will range from lecture style input (small) to discussion and small group work and to individual sharing within pairs.

Meditation and visualisation will be part of this training. A safe, supportive environment will be created. We will be doing some body work and voice work, all of these will be easily accessible.

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