Feeling your rhythm, hearing your voice
Reclaiming a sense of self through sound

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Why choose this course?

  • rhythm is one of the first senses we experience whilst still in the womb
  • people with dementia retain a sense of rhythm long after speech may no longer be possible
  • rhythm and sound put us in touch with our bodies and let us know that we are still alive
  • when being seen and being visible seem a threat a gentle rocking may be soothing and acceptable
  • our emotions are often locked into our motions or movements
  • whether playing with sound through the voice or rhythm through drumming the primal nature of the activities can be life affirming
  • singing and drumming in a group builds a sense of common identity
  • positive results ~ reduced stress, strengthened identity, whether in a team or as an individual, heightened listening skills and increased energy and engagement

Length of course: 1 day 9.30 – 4.00

Expected outcomes: by the end of the course participants will be able to

  • express themselves through their vocalisation
  • be more self assertive and less afraid
  • have a heightened perception and listening skills
  • use their body and their movements to have a clearer picture of what they do and do not want to create in their lives
  • use techniques for stress reduction
  • enhance their sense of well being
  • appreciate their own and other people’s sensitivities and non verbal communication
  • acknowledge their skills and abilities and be more willing to try new challenges and take risks

Nature of training:

If practitioners, maximum of 16 participants, if users of the service 8 participants max. This course will be hands on in every sense. A safe environment will be created. A minimum of 2 facilitators will be at the training.

Drums, percussion and cushions will be provided. Participants need to bring their voices but all judgements will be left at home! This day can be used as part of team building or stand alone.

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