The centre of my universe: Person Centred Planning – maintaining stability, enabling growth

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Why chose this training?

  • Person Centred Planning is central to the vision outlined in Valuing People
  • in order to fulfil that vision our focus needs to change more radically from what a service can give an individual to how the person sees their life, and what they need and want in order to experience growth and satisfaction
  • CQC are increasingly expecting staff to have had training in this area and recommend it on inspection
  • Supporting People team will also audit compliance to Person Centred Care
  • positive results ~ users of the service, staff and the service will feel revitalised and see life with a fresh perspective

Length of course: 6 days in total.
Days 1 & 2: Values and practice
Days 3 & 4: Communication and reminiscence
Days 5 & 6: Circles of support and forward planning

Expected outcomes: by the end of the course participants will be able to

  • review their practice and service delivery from the perspective of the user of the service
  • understand the context for care by looking at a variety of models which underpin care, e.g. medical/social/charity models of care, normalisation and a review of it and social valorisation
  • recognise the need for diversity and act in an inclusive, anti discriminatory way
    practice a wide range of communication techniques, both visual and verbal, in order to
  • support service user led self advocacy and where necessary to be able to advocate for the user of the service
  • be familiar with using reminiscence and sensory stimulation techniques either alone or to effect life story work in a way which enables the user of the service to make sense of his or her life
  • build on that understanding by using PATH, Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope, to empower users of the service to express their aspiration and create expanding and achievable goals
  • understand the grieving process in the context of labelling and losses that may have been part of a person’s personal experience
  • review the circle of support that already exists in a person’s life and expand and support it
  • examine how to work in full partnership with carers and those in the circle of support
  • recognise how important support is for everyone, staff, users of the service and family, during periods of transition and change and have sensitive tools which can be shared and used by all

Nature of training:
Maximum of 16 staff members in participative group work. Exercises will range from lecture style input (small) to discussion and small group work and to individual sharing within pairs.
Hand outs will be provided to reinforce all theoretical input.
Most exercises will be done in such a way that they can be replicated for use with users or customers of the service.
Days 3 & 4 will include art, drama and collage work. This will be easily accessible and good fun! See Remembering back….for requirements for participants on Day 4.

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