Pricing & Terms – Personal Development

by palurie | September 5, 2012 17:21

Coaching costs : I am studying for a coaching qualification using a different model and so I am asking for a donation of £20 per session towards my training costs. This will rise to £75.00 per hour in March. 

One to one mentoring costs: £75.00 per hour.  Concessionary rates available

The Power of Self Esteem, Purpose and Connection:

For those in full time work £220.00 early registration £198.00
For those in part time work £175.00 early registration £157.50
For those on benefits £100.00 early registration £90.00

In some circumstance costs can be spread on an interest free payment plan.
Some full time work is very poorly paid, some people have an independent income and
do not need to work – if in doubt about what level of payment is appropriate to you
a conversation about costs is always beneficial. 




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