Pricing & Terms – Professional Development

by palurie | September 5, 2012 17:16


How much?
Costs differ for organisations depending on whether they are voluntary organisations, independent providers, local authorities or commercial businesses.

  Full day rate : Half day rate: Hourly rate:
Local Authorities £525.00 £300.00 £60.00
Charity/voluntary sector £475.00 £350.00 £50.00
Commercial sector £750.00  £400.00 £75.00
Additional costs for teambuilding
(add to rates above)
What is included?


What is not included?


What do we need you to do? (unless otherwise agreed)


What happens if you cancel training?

If trainings are cancelled at 1 month or over’s notice then no costs will be incurred.
If cancellations are between 4 – 2 weeks before the agreed date then 50% costs will apply.
If cancellations are 2 weeks or under 100% costs will be incurred.
If an alternative date is negotiated at the time of cancellation, the replacement course will be offered at 30% reduction.

In the event of unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances leading to a cancellation, Leapfrog Training will be willing to negotiate  the costs of the postponed training.


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