Re-Imagining Relationships; creative curiosity, joy and change Postponed to June 13 – 20 2021

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Re-Imagining Relationships;creative curiosity, joy and change
This 8 day course, counting the arrival and departure days, in beautiful South West France gives you the opportunity to 
*open up to your creative intuition and innate wisdom
*understand the neuroperception involved in your responses and feelings
*and move past your frustrations to sustain safe, satisfying and surefooted       
 relationships, enabling you to be who you really are.

Covid 19 changes:
This course was originally due to be run in October 2020 but due to quarantining in the UK and other European countries the course is being postponed until June 2021.

Intervening support:
Starting in January there will be free monthly online sessions in order to become more familiar with the different media through which we will make our discoveries:             art work, clay, fabric, voice and body work.   Watch this space for more details.

Course content:
Day 1: Arrival in France  Sunday June13th. Evening meal and meeting each other.

Day 2: Who we are, who we bring with us and what we want next:
            Group care, conscious re-imaginings, visualisation, the myths and missing
            parts, words into pictures, sharing, witnessing and safety.

Day 3: Secret, silent, safe spaces:
Whispered names, embodying safety, building and owning your sacred
           space, boundaried welcomes, outside in and the song of the  garments!

Day 4: Exploring our environment:
A day to discovery the beauty around us and within our companionship.      

Day 5: Communication: mythical, menacing or miraculous:
Listening & witnessing, personality quadrant, intensely satisfying relationships
            in words, paint or fabric, couples dialogue, hidden beliefs and their effects.

Day 6: Primary relationships and how we still sail in them:
Fantasy figures, childhood feelings, looking for our other half, E.F.T. Emotional
            Freedom Technique, unfinished business, acknowledging ourselves and others.

Day 7: Blossoming connections:
Safety tools, disconnections, masking our feelings, seeing the impact, releasing
            grief and moving on, the shape of our vulnerability in clay, change & choices.

Day 8: Sunday June 20th. Free day and return home.

Group size and eligibility:
This group will comprise of 6 participants with Zoë Grace Cozens as facilitator and Jo Maughan assisting. This will ensure that each person gets maximum support with a 1:3 faciliation ratio and both space and privacy within which to work. The course includes individual, pairs, triad and whole group interactions and working with paint, clay, fabric, silence, visualisation, stillness, movement, natural resources and indoor and outdoor space. All resources will be provided but bringing your own journal is always a good idea.

Eligibility is very simple. You need to be a human being who has had some relationships in your life! Also you are open to creating the sort of relationships that give the most mutual satisfaction, without either person having to sacrifice who they are at their core. You can come with or without another person and that person might be a friend, family member, colleague or partner.    

Costs, accommodation & transport:

Course fees:
Early bird fees: £600 per person if registration and deposit is paid by Jan 7th 2021
 Standard price £750 per person. All prices include the taught sessions, handouts, art resources and sumptuous daily lunch. There are two concessionary places of £500 each please enquire regarding these.

Deposit for any rate is £200 and will secure you a place and entry into the monthly preparatory sessions which are not mandatory.
Costs can be spread and if you use ticketsource, see below, you can pay by credit card. In the event of a further lockdown in any country your deposit and/or fees will be refunded.

Accommodation: We have two 12ft yurts with a choice of a double bed or 2 singles.
50€s per night for a sole occupancy yurt with full board, 525€s for the week .
A shared yurt with one other person, either with a double bed or two singles plus full board, 350€s each.
All diets are catered for, with a strong leaning towards vegetarian fare. 

The course costs will be in sterling but the food and accommodation costs are in euros. We will have a list of local accommodation available for hire, eg. gites, hotels or B&Bs if the yurts are full. The yurts will be on a first come, first served basis!

We have two large and friendly dogs , Bella a large lurcher and Rufus, a griffin.
They will be next to Frank in his workroom during the course but we would like to introduce them to people. We will distribute biscuits to give to them, thus securing lifelong friendship!

Prices correct beginning of August 2020. I am leaving this up as a guide for costs altho all dates are for the 2020 course. Ryanair only have flight info until the end of March but, at this point, are a very similar price to those below.
Flights with Ryanair: Please note that this does not include the cost of your luggage.
London Stansted to Poitiers 4th October £32.99 return 11th £27.99
Manchester to Limoges Fri 2nd October £24.99 return 13th £20.99  If coming early and/or staying later please arrange re accommodation and food.

By coach
: Bla-bla bus from London to Poitiers leaving at Friday Oct 2nd at 10.00pm  and arriving on Oct 3rd at 5.00pm £26.51, breakfast in Paris! Return from Poitiers to London leaving at midnight of 11th and arriving at 5.00am 27€s.

If you choose to go back to Manchester on Sunday 11th there are trains and coaches from Stansted to Victoria coach station and coaches to Manchester.
Times and prices were not available at the time of gathering info in August but there will also be coaches from Stansted to Manchester.

London St Pancras to Poitiers Sun 4th Oct 08.19 arrive 15.45pm £67.36 or
leave 10.24 arrive 16.45 £81.59 both are standard rate. 1st class £131 and £148.
Leaving Poitiers on Sun 11th at 08.20 arriving in London at 13.09 £77.80
Leaving Poitiers at 10.15 arriving in London at 16.39 is £79.69.
NB There are no early trains into Poitiers on a Sunday morning from Montmorillion but we can drive you in.

 Travel insurance:
Please ensure that your travel insurance covers changes due to Covid 19 when travelling to or from France. At this point there is a two week quarantine if you return to the UK having been in France. It is uncertain whether this will still be in place in June but it needs to be considered as a possibility.

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