25, 26 & 27 Oct 2016 | GROW : Cambridge | for 7-12 yr olds, adults included

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  10:00am – 12 noon
   2:00pm  – 4:00pm

Course:   GROW (Growing up well)

What is it? This is a 3 day course on self esteem for children and adults together.

Who is it for? 7-9yr olds & 10-12 yr olds, plus an adult.

How will it be structured? After a whole group ‘welcome’ exercise the sessions will mostly be in the two separate age groups. Some activities will see a convergence back into the whole group.

The accompanying adults will either be supporting their child/children with their creativity or making their own sock puppet, crown or whatever we are doing. Wednesday morning we will be doing outdoor activities but all the rest of the time will be in a spacious village hall.

What will we be doing? This course is designed to express feelings about self acceptance, lovability, love and attachment through the arts. We will be making masks and acting; painting and using fabric; telling and listening to stories; learning that all parts of ourselves are welcome; having fun and laughing a lot.

Timings and breaks: Sessions will be run from 10.00am to midday and then from 2.00pm to 4pm.  There will be breaks half way through.

At lunchtime there will be some food provided to share such as homemade soup and also food that people will bring for themselves. This way everyone will be able to eat something they like and experiment a bit.

What are you likely to get out of it?
A closer connection to your child, a shared way of communication about feelings (those negative beliefs will be referred to as the sneaky snake!), a glove puppet, masks, a crown, a 40 page workbook,a facility in storytelling, and an enhanced sense of your own self esteem as well as your child liking themselves more. Oh! and a great 3 days of fun. 

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 25, 26 & 27 Oct

Tues, Weds & Thurs of half term week


Quy Village Hall
10 Main Street,
CB25 9AW


Zoë Grace Cozens
12 Rue du Lavoir
France 86500


Landline + 33 5 49 48 71 20
mobile + 44 7813 035763
WhatsApp also on mobile

If you have a landline I can phone you for free if you What’sapp or email me the number.

Email:   moc.liamgnull@gorfpaeleoz
Website:   www.leapfrogtraining.co.uk

£40 per day for 1 adult & child. £5  per extra child.

£20 per day for 1 adult & child on concessionary rate

Costs can be spread; speak to Zoe Grace.


Please let me know if there have been recent changes in your circumstances or if your child would appreciate extra support


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