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Last night was All Soul’s Night and we have a splatted egg on an upper story window as proof of some old customs that accompany it!

But souls, your soul and my soul, are very important to me all year round. That sounds very portentous (exciting; foreboding!) so I have just consulted some dictionary definitions regarding ‘souls’. Although there are variants, this is the first part of a number of definitions  “The animating and vital principle in humans, credited with the faculties of thought, action, and emotion and often conceived as an immaterial entity.”

So, on All Soul’s Night I was at the Walnut Tree Shades in Norwich, along with many other excellent musicians from the Norfolk Blues Society singing some old blues from deep in my soul, using my faculties of thought, action, emotion, and voice, to express my pleasure at being alive. At the bar a lovely woman asked me why I was so happy and could she have some of it! I said that it was because I used and taught self esteem enhancement work, which I love, and which helps me to love myself and my life….and it is true!

When I got home I was thinking about how sad she had been that night and how sad, and desperate I was feeling when I took my Power of Self Esteem course in 1989. I  doubted that my life could get any better, and many painful experiences from childhood seemed to reappear most nights in dreadful dreams and flashbacks. I was in an oppressive, violent marriage and only my children kept me from doing something irreversible to end the anguish. Whew! It was truly grim and only such a hopeless situation would have persuaded me to spend any money on myself and take the first Power of Self Esteem course run by my mentors Jo and Rod Fisher. 

Well, I found it extraordinary! Week after week it was as if a bright light illuminated why I was feeling the way I was and what the thought patterns were that were causing those feelings, and, incredibly, how to change those feelings. This course has a money back guarantee (a comforting thought) but it worked, and in a durable and lasting way! One of the things that I understood quickly was that many rather extreme things from my childhood were coming up and tapping me on the shoulder so that I could detoxify them. This required disempowering the beliefs which had accompanied them and which were causing me such misery years later. I am still amazed by the fact that we can undo the effects of trauma and not only survive but thrive and flourish. Hurrah!

This sounds a bit like that old advert that continued into “I was so impressed I bought the company”, which I didn’t. I became a practitioner and teacher of this work. The Power of Self Esteem is part of the More to Life educational programme and I don’t teach it over 6 weekly sessions but over a weekend. Every time I teach it I get excited about it, because I get to see other people taking back their lives from the past so that they can create something new for themselves and the people who share their lives. Lordy, I am sounding evangelical but it is impossible for me not to want to sing out the good news when I have seen it work over and over again over 20 years!

My next course is on November 17th and 18th at Inner Space, Norwich at Maude Gray Court, Saint Benedicts Street, Norwich, NR2 4PA. It will run from 9.00am to 6.30pm on Saturday and 9.00am to 7.00pm on Sunday. We will have a small group of about 8 people taking the course, and one or two team members, as well as myself to support each person well. We use group work, a DVD, facilitated individual and pair work in a safe, and beautiful environment. The course has a set of CDs for each participant with supplementary and explanatory material and is a mixture of experiential exercises and underlying psychology. After the course there is an opportunity to get ongoing, free, group support and there is still a money back guarantee if your self esteem is not suitably enhanced after the course!

 If you would like to know more about The Power of Self Esteem either ring me on 01379 851959 or 07813035763 or come to the free preview evening next Wednesday evening, 7th November, from 7.30pm ~ 10.15pm at The Old Manor House, 17 Old Market Place, Harleston, IP20 9BE. It would be great if you could let me know if you are coming to this evening, so that there are enough refreshments. It’s a great place to ask anything you want about the course, try out a bit of the work and talk to other interesting people.

So I love myself, I love sharing this work and I love waiting to see what news things will be created in the near and far future. 


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